As in true Sammi fashion, shit that happens to me I cannot make up…. years ago the MDOC decided that they were going to take away our razors for shaving.

Now, the only thing we’re allowed to buy for hair remover is Magic Shave for men of color beards – $3.50, or Nair for woman $7… well, I kinda let it get a bit long down there, so come time to “shave” I decided to trim a bit with the scissors prior to removal. So there I am trimming my garden, with the only scissors we’re allowed to purchase… blunt tip kid sciccors…

I’m working my way from top to bottom when, BOOM, the scissors snap right in half, right there, in the shower stall.

I look down and to my complete disappointment, now my vagina is left with a mullet…short on top, long at the bottom.

Needless to say, I was stuck like that for about two more days, until I got to my store, and Naired the rest of the shit off.