Now, let me tell you about the two things that happened lately that have really got me irritated. The first thing is about the grey and white cat that lives inside the prison. He’s one of a few others, but the only difference is that the rest are feral and he’s not. He’s been here for about two years now and he’s just the sweetest little guy ever.

It’s hard to believe he doesn’t have a family somewhere missing him. He’s also super fluffy and he has all these women in here just smitten by his ass. If he’s not getting food from people leaving out of the chow hall, throwing him whatever meat they’ve stolen off their state issued tray, he also has a lot of women who buy him food on their commissary store. Some buy him Spam, some buy him fish steaks and other buy him salmon flakes. And yeah, he’s chubby as fuck. One day I was walking into the chow hall and I kid you not, this cat was going to town on a giant pile of ham slices. I swear it must’ve been at least 2-3 pounds of meat and he was tearin’ it up.

Over the years he’s been given a variety of names depending on who you ask. I’ve heard Mittens, LT. Boots, Butterball, Sgt. Boots, Boots, Buddha and the newest Sir Kitty Kitty Meow Meow. Well, Sir Kitty is one very smart kitty and so during the winter months Kitty warms himself by sleeping right under the warm air handler that blows out hot hair continuously throughout the winter months, because its actually the excess hot hair vent from the furnace that heats the under ground tunnels the pipes run through.

Well a few weeks ago Kitty was sleeping quietly under the blower on a towel someone laid down for him. A Sergeant came out from the segregation unit and made a B-line straight for Kitty, and when he got to him he ripped the towel out from under him sleeping peacefully. Kitty went flying in the air and the Sergeant then stomped the after kitty yelling “GIT! GIT! GIT!”

Well, this is a prison so people are walking everywhere and someone saw this whole thing happen. The person who saw this and reported it to the Warden is one of my close friends; her name is Diane. The Warden called Diane to his office directly and showed her the security footage and then called in the Sergeant for his explanation. He lied and told the warden that the cat was coming after him. He didn’t know that the warden had already watched the footage. Well, the warden was pissed and went in and chewed the Sargent’s ass and told him he better leave the cat alone. Two days after that, that same Sergeant instructed a maintenance man to shut off the blower and heater so kitty can’t get warm. People have been trying and trying to get kitty out of here, including some staff members, but all attempts were shot down. Inmates have had their families call the Humane Society and they’ve called here and are repeatedly told that there’s no cat here on grounds. It is bullshit and inhumane.

The second thing that has recently pissed me off is the heath care staff. This is nothing new and there’s a reason our health care is unanimously called Death Care for good reasons.

Well, a few years ago there was a new law set into place and new policies made for Transgender persons in MDOC custody. The new Policy allows Transgender persons to transition while in MDOC custody. There are quiet a few women we have here who have been going through the transition at various stages.

MDOC handles the transition the exact same way it is done in the free world. Currently, MDOC is only offering the Trans-women testosterone injections weekly or bi-weekly. The incarcerated Trans-women here at WHV are having a lot of issues with nurses not wanting to administer their injections for various reasons. Some have even cited religious reasons.

Recently such an issue occurred while one Trans-woman was at health care to get his weekly injection. The male nurse on duty gave the inmate a hard time before finally coming in and giving him an injection of what he thought was his testosterone. When the inmate left the room, the nurse then laughed and told the Officer escorting the inmate that he did not give him the testosterone injection. Instead he gave him a HEP B injection. The Officer ran to catch up with the inmate and promptly informed him of what the nurse did.

This injection was done out of spite and disagreeing with the Transgender transition. To make matters worse, the inmate has already been completely vaccinated for his HEP B series. This is the joking and the neglect that goes on with the under qualified staff that have zero regard for people, let alone good bed side manners, and this is just the tip of the iceberg that goes on here at this death trap.

My friend, who is 42, is going to the hospital tomorrow for black spots found on her lungs. Its more then likely mold. This entire prison in under investigation and is in the middle of a class action lawsuit due to the mold issues here. So many women here have tested positive for mold inside their bodies. It is serious. I wont even go into the amount of rust that’s all over the cell I’m currently in. It is the worst I’ve seen yet. Until next time … stay safe, be good, and join together to make a change.

Every one deserves to at least be heard…..Sammi