Two Things That Have Really Irritated Me Lately

Now, let me tell you about the two things that happened lately that have really got me irritated. The first thing is about the grey and white cat that lives inside the prison. He’s one of a few others, but the only difference is that the rest are feral and he’s not. He’s been here […]

What Was Christmas Like In Prison?

The holidays stopped feeling like the holidays a long time ago. The hardest part for me is knowing that all my family will be celebrating together, and I’m in here trying to make the most out of a crappy situation.

Prison Hustles – What Inmates Do To Make Money

When you come to prison you’re not really sure what you’ll be given and what you’ll have to buy yourself. As I’ve previously mentioned, they do not provide us with much… toilet paper once a week and that’s about it, outside of state issued clothing which is cheap, stiff, itchy, cold, and fall apart fast. […]

Prison Life – Bonus Story

As in true Sammi fashion, shit that happens to me I cannot make up…. years ago the MDOC decided that they were going to take away our razors for shaving. Now, the only thing we’re allowed to buy for hair remover is Magic Shave for men of color beards – $3.50, or Nair for woman […]

One Of The Most Corrupt Things I’ve Seen In Here

One of the most corrupt things that I’ve seen in here, is the bonuses that certain employees get for saving money. Two specific situations in here… the supervisor of the kitchen for our first example – he is allotted so much money to buy the food for the month to feed the population… any money […]

Inflation Has Finally Hit The Prison System

The war and the pandemic have finally reached the prison commissary… we’ve been out of stock on a lot of stuff, long and short term, throughout this, but they just hiked up our prices astronomically two days ago. To name a few… one 3 oz bag of prison brand freeze dried coffee went from $3.62 […]

Roommates – What It Is Really Like In A Women’s Prison

One of the big things about prison is getting used to living in very close quarters with a lot of people, with many, many different personalities. Then, on top of that, you have to learn to live and cohabitate in a 6×9 cell with a complete stranger packed with a sink, toilet, desk and chair, […]